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Jury Rejects Claims of Permanent Injuries in Admitted Liability Case

November, 2011- Wm. Tyler Shands, Esq.- Henrico County Circuit Court- Defendant’s liability was admitted in this low speed automobile accident case.  Plaintiff claimed permanent injuries to her neck and upper back, as well as psychological problems.  Plaintiff presented medical damages of approximately $35,000 and lost wages of $14,000, supported by the testimony of a local neurosurgeon and a physiatrist that the injuries and treatment were necessitated by the accident.  Without presenting any expert medical testimony on behalf of the Defendant and instead relying upon cross-examination of Plaintiff’s experts, Mr. Shands argued that Plaintiff could not have been injured to the extent claimed in this low impact collision.  The jury returned a verdict of just $15,000 for the Plaintiff.  Plaintiff’s counsel demanded the policy limits of $100,000 to settle the case prior to trial and refused to negotiate below that amount.

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